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Portais das estações


Editora Ases da Literatura - 2023

    The order of brushstrokes, the movements, and the colors transcends time and delves into the pleasure of finding the Arts by experiencing Painting.


     In this publication, the author Nina Benchimol, 30 years old and a "Carioca" from Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, presents her art, and invites us to dive into her visual universe, among her brushstrokes that travel freely in a cultural amalgam exposed in symbols and abstract graphics. In a significant way, it provides a therapeutic exercise influenced by Orientalism flowing naturally between graphic images of Islamic and Marajoara art. Organized into four chapters, Portals of the Seasons is represented by a series of paintings.

     By inserting the Color Light to refinish the luminescence and its nuances in the mixture created by the pigments in arbitrary brushstrokes, the methods of creating mandalas and theis spontaneous movements lead us to the artist in her time and place, her way of illustrating life, and the search process related with her own identity through the relationship with Colors in Motion.

     She exposes her pleasure with the process of production that brings a range of benefits related to creativity, emotional health, and spirituality.                 


                                                           ( by Jimy Lage, Art instructor ) 





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