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Nina Benchimol is a Brazilian artist, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, who has lived since she was a little girl in the Santa Teresa neighborhood and is 30 years old. The artist says that a first "watershed" in her personality was her contact with the Maracatu rhythm, when she danced and played with the groups Rio Maracatu, Maracutaia and Tambores de Olokun. It was during this period that Nina attended numerous events and manifestations of Pernambuco's regional culture, identified with the dances and became a more communicative and sociable person.


Nina's biggest passion is painting. He awakened the skill with body painting sessions in people in the forest of Parque Lage. There were several individual meetings involving brushstrokes, performances and photographs between 2015 and 2018. And then he began to paint and explore other media. The artist says it was essential to have painted the bodies of so many people and feels that all this has strengthened her inside.


The artist claims that brushstrokes and colors dominate her and her paintings are always guided by intuition, without sketches and in a very accidental and spontaneous way. He is enchanted by asymmetrical patterns, the mixtures of colors, tones on tones, textures and primal lines.


His visual inspiration is tapestries, especially oriental ones. He currently dedicates part of his time to research on the history of art and Oriental Fashion. He began studies on Stamping and Fashion Design at the European Institute of Design (IED - RJ) and will develop a relationship between his painting and artisanal fashion, in a way that also brings influences of oriental elements and upcycling characteristics.


She loves to dress up, her wardrobe is always diverse and with clothes that she claims are “peacock style”. She likes to feel beautiful, to be photographed and has become a more uninhibited person. He has accumulated experiences of artistic co-creation with photography partners over the years, whose proposal was to pose and express himself in front of the camera in front of an established theme.


Nina's creative energy and restlessness is latent and full of color. Stubborn by nature and enchanted by the unfolding of beauty and immersion in her works, she praises that, in contact with the Portuguese publisher Ases da Literatura, she will launch her first picture book in 2022 and claims to be fulfilling one of her biggest dreams. She is very excited about what is to come… and hopes that she will be able to… more and more… fulfill more and more dreams.

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